Sunday, March 04, 2007

lrenah- Look1 Look2 Look3 Look4 Look5 Look6 Look7 Look8 Look9
Lrenah's BohoLuxe was a fantastic and satisfying testament to her work throughout the cycle. This is so clearly lrenah's collection! She has presented to us a well-rounded, beautifully designed and deliciously vibrant, colorful and playful collection! It combines, bold colors and very sensual cut. The use of yellows were fantastic, and her fifth piece, the chiffon and fur piece, was dramatic and scene stealing. The sixth ends the yellow hues rather abruptly, as her shift into rich violets rise, maybe a bit too late: we wished we could have seen more experimentation here. Her use of earthy browns were such a welcome against her usual bright, almost exotic colors. Lrenah opened with a WOW, that gave us a clear point of direction. We were a bit lost with the second look, and could have had that taken out completely. Neither Bohemian nor very luxe, it should have stayed on the chopping block for us. Her bohemian influence is clear cut and her take on it is wonderful. The fabrics used are spot on and the accessories are really fun and add that extra bit of style that accessories should add. I also thinks it's fantastic how well she thought out the colors of the garments and how they would work as separates. Many of the tops and bottoms are totally interchangeable (it's very, very smart to think of the functionality your designs have and should have.) Even some of the dresses would look stylish paired with the pants she's designed! And I'm in aw of her color story! It works beautifully throughout the collection. However her final look, a good looking layered piece, was demure, but a miss for one of us. We simply wanted to be left with her flowing chiffon and fur stole piece, which leaves everyone panting for more.

linzwinz- Look1 Look2 Look3 Look4 Look5 Look6 Look7 Look8 Look9 Look10
Linzwinz knows when to pull out all stops. Her collection was BEAUtiful. She drew from great photographs andcreated something totally her and totally modern. The styling of this colorful collection, though masterfully restricted in hue, is very NOW. A playful, lovely and modern collection of dresses (and some sportswear) inspired, very clearly, by birds and by the flapper dresses of the 1920's with some drawback to 80's pop culture and almost 'flower child' touches, we have a very fresh pallete. Both of these things have been mixed beautifully together in her designs. The first 5 designs in the group picture really pop due to the colors and the bright colors that are mixed with soft neutrals. One of use however, loved the neutral greys balance with such bold, limited colors. Each is handled masterfully, and the cohesiveness strengthened her story. Her highlights for us were looks four and seven. Both have structure yes vary in tone and presentation. They both have a very commercial appeal. These clothes would be suitedin a magazine like NYLON. Very fresh, youthful, and fun. But the last 4 designs are lacking in both of these areas. The poses aren't as playful and the bright colors are kept at a minimal, making them seem a bit drab. The dress designs are also not as interesting and really show that linz's strengths are in designing separates or in garments with multiple layers. The collection has anexcellent view and presentation. Linzwinz only minor flaw I canquible about is the final look, which above all else, seems so dated. Its color choiceis spot on, but its cut and styling..sets me back. The moderness of this collection deserves more pages in its book. The dresses feel forced. The accessories are wonderful though! Great work.

da-coppa-one- Look1 Look2 Look3 Look4 Look5 Look6 Look7 Look8 Look9 Look10
A tough one to judge for us. It's unfortunate that Da-coppa-one has fallen ill and probably hasn't had time to add color to her designs. All of the silhouettes were so great. The design sketches are lovely and detailed but some of them are a little confusing because of how much detail is present. color would have helped with this a lot, and would have helped tell the whole story. Other then the lack of color, my only nit-picky complaint about the collection is the over accessorizing with the strands of pearls that are present in designs 2,3,5 and 6. The designs have such a modern flair to them (and a really nice masculine touch) that I feel like the pearls and necklaces (designs 4,6) are her way of adding femininity to them, but it doesn't work to her advantage. The clothes really speak for them selves and need nothing more then fantastic boots and handbags paired with them to add extra style. This collection is lacking color and finishing, things substantial enough to make or break its value. Currently, we're not quite reading the theme of travelers, nor the idea of ready-to-wear vs high fashion. I like some of her separates, and looks 6 and 10 are very accomplished. Look 10, her final, is perhaps the strongest of final looks that all 3 Project Designers are showing. t does indeed leave us wanting to see more.

No matter who wins, we all loved your collections...seriously.

Monday, January 15, 2007

(Beginning of Challenge) Model Call:
1. Ambola
2. Ana
3. Hollie
4. Devika
5. Alyssa

This time we asked you to
design a fun party dress for your model. But you also had to design it accordingly so that it fit into my current collection! The winner of Project Designer will receive the title of The Next Big DeviantART Designer along with melancholycreations, lashanthao, ladylucrezia, and ceazar. You will receive two interviews with top fashion websites, a mentorship from moi ^^ lol, and their final ten piece collections redone by none other than George Nelson (wakasashe-fashion).

linzwinz Utterly on point. Wow and double-wow. linz is very successful when she is given a lot of color! You know, one of us really wanted to see a more minimal dress in my collection, just having the details show off the silhouette. Innovative, the seaming and the patterns running down the dress are fabulous. It's really a fun, almost space-age, futuristic dress, which is very Lindsey. the shape of the dress and the small touches really bring into my collection though. The hill design in a small cutout is an interesting touch as is the faux belt under the bustline. The pompoms are amazing and NOT arbitrary, the belt is great, the fur could've been executed better but that's fine. Great utilization of the hill design.

da-coppa-one We're not really super impressed with this. This was a little too much... The stockings are fantastic, and the dress paired with the green bag that I have already presented in my collection is fun. It's not overly sexy, it looks like a GREAT fit, it definately looks rich. We understand what she was trying to do with the dress itself, but it looks awkward. the top looks very low cut, and the front panel just looks like it's just tucked into the front and the skirt is loose and unflattering... we feel like it should have been a bit more fitted. The color and small details fit really well into my collection.

lrenah renah's look had me on the fence.
We're not sure how much tiering is in my collection, but the dress is still fabulous, the coloration is great and the use of the hill design is great. renah really melded her playful, flirty, sexy design with my Goldigger collection VERY well! This is sexy and we'd be fine with this being in my collection. It's kind of simple and safe for the last challenge, but there's nothing wrong with it, really.

OUT: MisterSnapple Though this dress has all of mistersnapple's personal style, there are very few things that We see that connect this to my collection. The buttons, double breast, bangles, signature detailing and poofy sleeves are very lovely touches to a, well, sort of plain dress. The hills are nice of course... but I think it's just not enough to continue on. The idea is there, but it needed to be pushed quite a bit more. The jacket is interesting, but attaches to the dress? We imagine that would not be very functional at all. It also looks like it's just part of the dress. The dress itself is a very simple silhouette, and not well rendered on the model. It looks as though it will just slip off at any moment!!! And the model does not look like a golddigger. As a mistersnapple design, it's a lovely, expected dress. But when it tries to merge with my collection? It won't work.

OUT: Kashirohato This is kind of a big mess. We really don't have much to say or add as far as a critique goes. It's messy and kind of poorly thought out. The colors work, but the details on the dress are really unflattering...The shape and cut of the dress is lovely, but the details just look messy. She looks a bit like she's wearing a bell-boy outfit with the pill-box hat. But I'm learning about Kash, as I am about each of the designers, and she finds it difficult, if not impossible, to leave well enough alone. Kashirohato, restraint!

Look a George's website tommorow for the winner.

Monday, January 08, 2007

(Beginning of Challenge) Model Call:
1. Ana
2. Ambola
3. Devika
4. Hollie
5. Alyssa
Eliminated: Teeani *falls on knees*

"Tee, honey? Seriously, you have to go."

*looks at designers*

"I mean it. They're going to turn the lights off soon. Now, pull yourself together and get off the runway. I don't want to have to pay the crew overtime."

*walks off set*

"Thank you.


(Taken from Project Rungay)

This time we asked you to design functional but fashionable sportswear for the gym.
The winner of Project Designer will receive the title of The Next Big DeviantART Designer along with melancholycreations, lashanthao, ladylucrezia, and ceazar. You will receive two interviews with top fashion websites, a mentorship from moi ^^ lol, and their final ten piece collections redone by none other than George Nelson (wakasashe-fashion).

linzwinz linzwinz wins her second challenge overall! VERY fun and playful workout outfit. It seems very wearable, the colors are fun, the details, though few, are spot on. linz took this challenge very, very seriously. Although never surrendering Fashion, she was just as intent upon delivering the necessary functionality. We weren't very sure about the functionality and comfort of the hood though...It seemed that it might not work out well, if you were working out. But kudos on the pose this week and Another victory!!!! In order to make it to DeviantART Fashion Week, you should solve the design topic like you have done with all of your wins, but make sure it isn't boring like other design solutions (except for your freakshow design).

MisterSnapple A cute outfit more golfing, maybe... But that is about it. On the one hand, his concept was a good one: incorporate some adaptability into the clothing. But we're talking FASHION everyone, so that means that these designs have to look sensational & emdash; or how about good, at least & emdash; on the runway. The top is very cute and sporty but the shorts look unflattering and kind of over done. In order to make it to DeviantART Fashion Week, you should look at the topics very closely from know on.

da-coppa-one The design is very glam and fashionable, but we just don't find the ribbing on the thigh very nice looking. I also don't like her choice of fabrics. Fleece as a workout fabric for gym wear just doesn't seem comfortable to us...Especially satin backed fleece. And when you have the fleece side on the inside of the garment? We know this girl is more likely to choose fashion over function, but it she actually tried working out in that, she would be drenched in sweat, since fleece is a water replant fabric. It seemed like we went back to the first was too sexy...We also know the heels were for presentation, but why not design some fancy sneakers? It would have been more cohesive. That said. We love the design on the track jacket. In order to make it to DeviantART Fashion Week, you should look at the topics very closely, and making it TOO sexy.

lrenah A great, bright outfit! Her design retains the sexiness and spirit of renah's usual work, but it also embodies her response to the comfort and practicality issues that is obviously needed in the gym.
We don't know how we feel about the body stocking...but the workout dress is adorable! The only qualm we have with it is that it defiantly needs straps to be functional in any way, and we're curious about how the back looks. But do not distress, if linz's design hadn't been so perfectly on point, this would have been our winner. In order to make it to DeviantART Fashion Week, you should look at the topics very closely as well...not that you didn't' solve this one well.
Kashirohato delivers a fabulous design and
a fun little outfit! The print is cute, the fabric choice is good, the pose is adorable! The only concern we have is the detail of the hood attachment. That little blue strip of coming from the center front looks odd. She has been the runner-up on the runway so many times that I will confess my disappointment that a win, long overdue in my opinion, has eluded her grasp. In order to make it to DeviantART Fashion Week, you should look at the functionality of your garments as well as the color combos.

Voting is so close, and since this is one of the most important eliminations I'm having a very hard time calling no one has been eliminated. All five designers will participate in the next challenge and the results from both the 'Work It Out' topic and the next topic will determine which two designers are eliminated...which will give us our final 3 that will make it to DeviantART Fashion Week.