Monday, January 08, 2007

(Beginning of Challenge) Model Call:
1. Ana
2. Ambola
3. Devika
4. Hollie
5. Alyssa
Eliminated: Teeani *falls on knees*

"Tee, honey? Seriously, you have to go."

*looks at designers*

"I mean it. They're going to turn the lights off soon. Now, pull yourself together and get off the runway. I don't want to have to pay the crew overtime."

*walks off set*

"Thank you.


(Taken from Project Rungay)

This time we asked you to design functional but fashionable sportswear for the gym.
The winner of Project Designer will receive the title of The Next Big DeviantART Designer along with melancholycreations, lashanthao, ladylucrezia, and ceazar. You will receive two interviews with top fashion websites, a mentorship from moi ^^ lol, and their final ten piece collections redone by none other than George Nelson (wakasashe-fashion).

linzwinz linzwinz wins her second challenge overall! VERY fun and playful workout outfit. It seems very wearable, the colors are fun, the details, though few, are spot on. linz took this challenge very, very seriously. Although never surrendering Fashion, she was just as intent upon delivering the necessary functionality. We weren't very sure about the functionality and comfort of the hood though...It seemed that it might not work out well, if you were working out. But kudos on the pose this week and Another victory!!!! In order to make it to DeviantART Fashion Week, you should solve the design topic like you have done with all of your wins, but make sure it isn't boring like other design solutions (except for your freakshow design).

MisterSnapple A cute outfit more golfing, maybe... But that is about it. On the one hand, his concept was a good one: incorporate some adaptability into the clothing. But we're talking FASHION everyone, so that means that these designs have to look sensational & emdash; or how about good, at least & emdash; on the runway. The top is very cute and sporty but the shorts look unflattering and kind of over done. In order to make it to DeviantART Fashion Week, you should look at the topics very closely from know on.

da-coppa-one The design is very glam and fashionable, but we just don't find the ribbing on the thigh very nice looking. I also don't like her choice of fabrics. Fleece as a workout fabric for gym wear just doesn't seem comfortable to us...Especially satin backed fleece. And when you have the fleece side on the inside of the garment? We know this girl is more likely to choose fashion over function, but it she actually tried working out in that, she would be drenched in sweat, since fleece is a water replant fabric. It seemed like we went back to the first was too sexy...We also know the heels were for presentation, but why not design some fancy sneakers? It would have been more cohesive. That said. We love the design on the track jacket. In order to make it to DeviantART Fashion Week, you should look at the topics very closely, and making it TOO sexy.

lrenah A great, bright outfit! Her design retains the sexiness and spirit of renah's usual work, but it also embodies her response to the comfort and practicality issues that is obviously needed in the gym.
We don't know how we feel about the body stocking...but the workout dress is adorable! The only qualm we have with it is that it defiantly needs straps to be functional in any way, and we're curious about how the back looks. But do not distress, if linz's design hadn't been so perfectly on point, this would have been our winner. In order to make it to DeviantART Fashion Week, you should look at the topics very closely as well...not that you didn't' solve this one well.
Kashirohato delivers a fabulous design and
a fun little outfit! The print is cute, the fabric choice is good, the pose is adorable! The only concern we have is the detail of the hood attachment. That little blue strip of coming from the center front looks odd. She has been the runner-up on the runway so many times that I will confess my disappointment that a win, long overdue in my opinion, has eluded her grasp. In order to make it to DeviantART Fashion Week, you should look at the functionality of your garments as well as the color combos.

Voting is so close, and since this is one of the most important eliminations I'm having a very hard time calling no one has been eliminated. All five designers will participate in the next challenge and the results from both the 'Work It Out' topic and the next topic will determine which two designers are eliminated...which will give us our final 3 that will make it to DeviantART Fashion Week.

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