Sunday, December 31, 2006

(Beginning of Challenge) Model Call:
1. Alyssa
2. Devika
3. Ana
4. Hollie
5. Ambola
6. Teeani
Eliminated: Megan *cries* All of the girls go and hug her

Guest Judge(s): alexseth & jadexx

This time we asked you to choose ONE (at a time, no mad rush like with the Barbies) to build an outfit around. The outfit must not merely complement or "go with" the accessory, but must INCORPORATE IT as part of a single thought. The outfit and the accessory must look as though they were made to be together.
The winner of Project Designer will receive the title of The Next Big DeviantART Designer along with melancholycreations, lashanthao, ladylucrezia, and ceazar. You will receive two interviews with top fashion websites, a mentorship from moi ^^ lol, and their final ten piece collections redone by none other than George Nelson (wakasashe-fashion).

MisterSnapple We
thought his inspiration with the Japanese pop was dead on with his accessory! When I saw it, the one thing we noticed is that it just looked so put together and nothing looked like it didn’t belong.We loved the top, the relation was of course FABULOUS. The only problem is that the yellow stockings might slip unless there are new stockings that can stay up that we haven't heard of. We enjoy that he mimmicked the girl on the guitar and turned her into his model, this is helped by the top, which elongates the neck quite a bit. The lace trim is lovely and is a great match to the flowers on the guitar but they look awkwardly drawn in the design.He really was able to capture a complete essence of rock and roll, and Mistersnapple did an awesome job this week.

linzwinz Everyone was so good this week! Linzwinz, I thought, did an ingenious job matching the outfit with the accessory. We felt the innovation wasn't there, except for the jacket, matching the socks, the belt of course was totally matching the shoes but the skirt for me was very plain and too long, if it starts at the waist we think it would complement the figure/body more if it ended just before the knees or at least have more design in it so as not too look plain. However hurray on the jacket and pose! Although I felt, again, that the design could have had a bit more innovation to it, maybe something else besides the godets with the skirt, Linzwinz really did a great job with those shoes...and the fabrics are great!

dacoppaone This was such a sophisticated piece. Very pretty, you can see the shoes, but its not WOW GLAM. We like the bust gathering, however we think you should have picked a brighter accessory because you can't really see the details when on darker skin with this black accessory. But it does go very very well with the shoes, we have to admit. The details on the bolero are lovely and the trims match the shoes perfectly.It was classy, and the demure outfit went very well with the sexy shoes; if she had made a sexy outfit to go along with the shoes, it could’ve been a hooker-disaster. Although we thought she could have done something more with the skirt, this was another great showing from Da-coppa-one!

lrenah The bodice is TOTALLY WICKED, we are soooo in LOVE with it.
The silhouette of the gown matches the shape of the necklace perfectly. The colors are so soft and delicate as are the shapes in the bodice. However, we do not know why she choose pink, it was a huge risk...and it paid off! We liked that she went beyond the color scheme. The necklace we feel, complements the outfit ,but only complements, we think is the brown the detailing at the bottom of the dress and purse is what brings out the necklace but still does not show it off. However, -salivates at bodice.- it IS a gorgeous dress.

Kashirohato We think the dress compliments the shoes perfectly, if we were to see this girl at a party we would absolutely go WOW gorgeous shoes! This whole dress revolves around the shoes, it just shows them off. I'm especially loving the back and the sweetheart neckline the only thing that bothers me are the leather flappy things at the bottom of the dress, the color didn't go, and the little flappy shapes bothers most of us. The neck piece that connects to the back is very innovative but
In reality, in terms of innovation, she could have done just a tiny bit more, because of course the shoes are strappy...and there were straps...we just wished that it could have been pushed a tiny bit further...hoever, I loved that she wasn't crazy withthe colors, and it was still beautiful, evocative, and inspiring as usual.

OUT: HoAcinom

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