Wednesday, November 15, 2006

(Beginning of Challenge) Model Call:
1. Alyssa *jumps up and down*
2. Megan
3. Hollie
4. Ana
5. Teeani
6. Ambola *works the runway*
7. Marla
8. Emily
9. Devika
10. Sophia
11. Raschell *whipes forehead and smiles*
12. Nina
Eliminated: Leah. (She helped Kashirohato win the first challenge...hmm)

This time we asked you to
design a swimsuit based upon the classic Vargas girl. This one was more about styling than anything else, imitating the style of the classic pin-up girl. We asked you to try to adapt your photos for the month you are given by either dressing for the weather, or using a holiday falling within your month. You can go with a more modern look, but the feel should have a pin-up feel. This is about being sexy without being slutty. The winner will receive the title of The Next Big DeviantART Designer along with melancholycreations, lashanthao, ladylucrezia, and ceazar. You will receive two interviews with top fashion websites, a mentorship from moi ^^ lol, and their final ten piece collections redone by none other than George Nelson (wakasashe-fashion).

WINNER- HoAcinom- A very sexy and playful suit! The touch of Japanese influence and the color use are beautiful. The color and everything are perfect for the month!My only concern is that if the fabric, which is draped quite nicely in the sketch, were "whatever swimsuits are made of" (which is usually Lycra) this suit may be a bit bulky IRL. But ultimately it was a triumph with her design. She captured the sweet yet sultry Vargas girl exceptionally. The suit was a very clever play on the 40's appeal, with Japanese inspiration as well: a modern inspiration. I loved the colors, the print..everything was great, including presentation.

Ball-jointed-Alice- This is perfect. The suit is the perfect color for January! The middle of winter, the celebration of a new year, each of these things to me tie in with silver and sparkles. the cut of the suit is lovely with a touch of lace and the delicate belt. the accessories are also wonderful, especially with just a few touches for red to make everything pop! The vintage inspiration is apparent, and I could see January right away. Beautiful color palette, and intricate detailing. Bravo!

MisterSnapple- This whole suit is spot on!! the pose, styling, everything. It's very sleek and sophisticated and definitely makes me think of December! The addition of flats is wonderful and the back looks as gorgeous as the front! We loved the pose and presentation of this. Without being overly Christmas-y, this captured the wintry December. Very wealthy, seductive, and well done. A definite improvement from the last challenge! Great job!

IN (Random order)
da-coppa-one- I wish she given a better view of the suit because I can't really figure out what it looks like on a side view and with the cover-up. back and front fashion flats could have helped illustrate the structure. With that said, it doesn't look to have much structure at all! This looks more like a rendition of a Greek goddess with the flowy fabrics, but maybe that's because she had no hair... I do like the incorporation of gold and green to tie the garment into the month of March. I loved this design and the presentation was exceptional, all while capturing the alluring appeal of vintage Vargas.

Felicidade- This is a great piece! The cut of the suit and pose together definitely say Vargas. The colors and incorporation of the month are also very sweet. I like that the colors chosen were not to pastelly Easter. This also makes us think of play suits little girls used to wear. Felicidade was creative in her inspiration from spring, and the basket accessory was a wise choice and the model's pose is both adorable and striking. One of her best presentations to date, and with her design I appreciated the non vulgarity.

Kashirohato- Very stylish suit! I don't personally think of September while looking at this, but I understand the inspiration that she is drawing from. the cut and details are really beautiful and modern. And that halter is very innovative! A design that was wonderfully thought out and executed. All the detailing, texture, and color choices were interesting and fashion-forward. I enjoyed this modern play on the vintage cut of the suit. Aside that I had a hard time seeing September in this, it was exceptional.

Kallastyos- Though the suit is nice (it has interesting details and a nice cut) the styling is off. there's TOO much going on with the accessories! And not well done. The hat seems out of place (and makes me think of Vincent's basket hat), the rope belt is un necessary and and bulky and the clustered pearl necklace that is sitting in the nicely done deep v-neck top that has a broach and trim along all edges AND under the bust, does not do anything to add to this design. Less is sometimes more. You went a bit over board with the extra stuff for a suit that could have stood alone. However, August is a difficult month to work with, and I praise Kallastyos with his approach. I definitely can see Summer with this bold, interesting piece. The nautical theme was appropriate here, and stood out from the rest with the blue stripes.

lrenah- A TWO-PEICE!!!! FINALLY!
In the styling, pose, and presentation this was definitely Vargas inspired. The additions in the hair--and even the oversize leaf in presentation--were welcome additions. The look was wonderfully illustrated and executed. the suit is really sexy and the interpretation and inspiration used for this suit are well planned. One of us thought that It says more Vegas then Vargas, but it's beautifully designed none-the-less. the styling and pose are very Vargas though. A definite contender for the win. It was wonderful, and we can't wait to see your next design!!!

Israfel03- A very lovely and soft interpretation of this challenge! Nice layering on the bodice--though it seems there could be more form and compliment to the woman's body. Though it's more literal then some of the other designs, it is done very well. The colors and fabrics are nice and the sheer cover up is beautifully draped. However, we would have wished to see a flat of the swimsuit or something.


linzwinz- I would have liked to see a bit more styling to this, but I still enjoy it. The pose fits with the topic and the suit it's self looks very costumey in a tasteful way. It looks like it'd be a fun Mardi Gras costume! I also appreciate the details of how the suit would be constructed. I appreciated that linzwinz wanted to avoid being to literal with a Halloween theme, but this outfit strayed too far from that idea to
incorporate October. It is a bold decision however, and we respect that.

hallistorkx3- A nice simple suit. the color influences are lovely and work well for a springtime month. The pose is cute, but doesn't say Vargas to me. The simple accessories are a nice touch. A very basic, but not poorly done suit. There is a lot of like about this: the color combination and bust are nicely done. The pose could have been more imaginative..if I didn't know this was a bathing suit I would have guessed it was a dress. I see the month of May; I would have liked to see more Vargas inspiration.

OUT-dacendaren- Though the influence if the month are very well used, this suit is a bit to simply rendered for the amount of detail described. It also doesn't have that 'sultry' look that Vargas girls have. this might have been fixed if the pose were different. We was a little let down by this because it had so much potential. The interpretation was such a strong one and I applaud the decision to exclude the predicted red. The purple detail was absolutely fantastic for me, but dacedaren stopped there. With out that detail on the bust, we would have a plain suit. I just wish that idea was incorporated into the garment as a whole. The presentation was decent; I had a hard time seeing the pose as Vargas. We're sad you were eliminated, but we hope to see some more challenge designs from you! Thank you for competing!!!

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