Friday, November 03, 2006

WINNER: Kashirohato-
You really know how to accessorize! Great balance of fun, color, and friskiness. It's very post-modern...vintage style! not only did she perfectly abide to the rules, she also made a garment that is very pleasing and wearable. the over-all presentation's a killer! This outfit definitely embodies the challenge. The jumpsuit is edgy, 'frisky' and extremely feminine! The almost 'Victorian' styled cut of the blouse paired with the modern bottom are wonderful and the pose and accessories add so much to this design.
the movement of the illustration just adds to its playfulness! We just wish that you would have edited the seems a bit unflattering. But other than that, this is a knockout!

She didn't really abide to the rules, where only cotton should be used for the garment...i see gray linings/ribbons...otherwise, we adore this outfit. It's playful, sexy, cute and feminine. The draping of the entire outfit is gorgeous and gives the design a wonderful couture feeling. Since the whole illustration is so well-rendered, we can picture it with fewer trims and the outfit would still be beautifully draped and sexy. Fantastic job!!!

Kallastyos -
Though frisky, the only part of this that would work IRL is the skirt, which is beautifully draped and lovely unless you had a degree in couture sewing...or a seamstress to do it for you. We can see what you were trying to do here, but it's not done well. The shorter sleeve would not stay anywhere and the model would have a wardrobe malfunction... There needs to be a strap or the sleeve needs to sit on the edge of her shoulder. Otherwise, it just would not work...unless it was glued to her shoulder. However, the fabric was brilliant, and the styling was superb.

da-coppa-one -
We really like the idea of this woman being a frisky drummer and love the cut of the top. Though it looks like she could be wearing the dress backwards, it still works very well. The bottom of the top on the other hand, is not terribly creative or flattering. Even with the hot pants underneath, it cheapens the outfit quite a bit. We love the bag and wish that the ribbons on the boots were the same fabric. I also would have liked to see the boots rendered better. She describes them as being 'laced' by having the attached ribbons wrapping around the boot, but the ribbons look more like bulky strips of fabric. This design went a little over the top. The use of multiple accessories stand out, that they hide the entire white garment, as if over-shadowing it...those knots on the bottom are very scary...the accessories are over-used...some incorrectly...i understand that it deals with personal style, but one should consider the beauty of the work while still sticking with the direction...We DO see frisky but...we don't find this beautiful.

Felicidade -
A lovely outfit but it does not look like a suit to me. Nonetheless, it is a garment that not only followed the said direction, but also considered beauty and appeal. The
corset and blouse look like they are one garment with an undershirt. The shorts paired with the knee-high boots are the only part of this that really embody the word 'frisky' to me. If the cut of the blouse were more interesting and the sleeves shorter, this would have worked much better. We really hope to see more from you.

A fun and simple outfit, but maybe too simple. This aside, it still looks very 'in', especially paired with the thigh high boots! We wished that there was more styling to the the was a little plain. The challenge was called Plain and Simple, but I didn't mean for you to take it literally! If there might have been more seams or interesting cuts which you are known for, it would have looked a ton better.

A gorgeous lingerie gown! The drape is lovely but one of us would have liked to see the sheerness of the dress rendered more clearly with pale hints of skin tones where her legs are. That would have given the illustration a much more sensual feeling. I'm loving the collar! This also reminds many of us of the lingerie as daywear challenge in cycle four. This would have fit into that challenge perfectly.

israfel03 -
I loved all the detailing and texture. Nice proportion. It was a fairly good design, however, I get more 'demure' than 'frisky'..there is also no evidence of accessories, which should have been utilized in this challenge.

Bottom 3
MisterSnapple -
We think there's a point of view...but I'm not sure. Though it's an understated garment there is a lot going on.
I see glamour and sophistication. However...the execution is done poorly...the length of the slit almost exposes the undergarment. I understand that he was trying to boost the sexiness of the dress, but since the skirt is so narrow and the top is low-cut, a slit was not needed. I loved the jacket though and would have liked to see it paired with the dress on the model. It really could have been edited to make the whole look more cohesive, and above all, "frisky." (The cut and the pleating would not work if they were done in a cotton jersey)

We really enjoy the illustration style, but the hair has us baffled. And the drape and cut aren't terribly flattering. If it were cut to fit the torso and hips a little more snugly, it could work. The hairstyle is bizarre.....but definitely signature. We want to see more.

A very adorable dress that embodies the more playful side of the word frisky. It has an interesting cut to the bodice and paired with red accessories, it just pops! I don't know how we feel about quilting in the bodice though, especially around the chest area. We imagine it making the garment a bit bulky because of all of the extra seams.


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