Monday, November 27, 2006

(Beginning of Challenge) Model Call:
1. Ambola
2. Ana
3. Devika
4. Emily
5. Megan
6. Alyssa
7. Teeani
8. Hollie
9. Sophia
10. Raschell *(thank you!) wipes tears*
Eliminated: Nina

This time we asked you to
design an outfit inspired by the 60's mod. Go-go boots, mini-dresses, Twiggy lashes, stick-straight hair, bold patterns, houndstooth, checkers. The sixties for me were all about legs. There were so many great legs in London. It took a certain amount of courage to show them, but it was so liberating. People wanted clothes they could dance in, move in. But make it modern!!! The winner of Project Designer will receive the title of The Next Big DeviantART Designer along with melancholycreations, lashanthao, ladylucrezia, and ceazar. You will receive two interviews with top fashion websites, a mentorship from moi ^^ lol, and their final ten piece collections redone by none other than George Nelson (wakasashe-fashion).

WINNER: mistersnapple What a step up for this designer! Very modernized mod! We still have a basic silhouette that’s becoming his signature, but with this he utilized excellent, bold prints, and fantastic styling. Very retro, but very hip! The shaping around the bust is innovative and fun and the accsessories are perfect!

da-coppa-one One of the judges would have really liked this without the red circle. I understand that she didn't want her design to be boring in black and white, but there are other ways to add pops of color with out making your garment look like a flag. And it really distracts from the details of the garment! Otherwise, everything is perfect A prime example of what the challenge exemplified. I looked at this a completely saw the mod look but also something fresh and unseen before. Very successful! great design lines. Very successful.

lrenah Such a cool interpretation!!! you could see many young trendsetting women wearing this on the streets now! The giant houndstooth is incredible, especially with the delicate attached blouse and the huge belt is an extra cool touch! Irenah really stretched her design talent for me in this one, and it is fantastic for this challenge. Very retro, very now. Excellent work.

HoAcinom A creation that stood out in the bunch. I love the combination of prints, and the coloring and styling were superb. Definitely great to have a more fall/winter piece in this challenge, and the modern look to this gave her high marks. However It's very flowy and airy and not structured like mod dresses. The orange print is nice... But one if us was not sure about the scarf...

linzwinz Very space age! The jacket is so innovative and cool. the almost abstract planet print and cut of the garments are so mod. The seaming details are incredible too! This is something they really played up back then! Nice touch with the background! However one if us wasn’t fond of the print, and overall, though interesting, the jacket isn’t flattering.

Felicidade Very cool! The bubble gum pink paired with blue is nice. the boots are great! Everything is very mod, but I don't feel as though it has that modernized twist to it. This was something very interesting to look at, and I liked the ideas that she came up with. I wish the coloring were more exciting. The 60’s silhouette was captured very well, and I wanted something to make it more now.

ball-jointed-alice Adorable design! The bright color palette and rendering of the print around the pleats of the dress are great! the cut is simple yet very modern, and the proportions are all wonderful!

hallistorkx3 A cute and funky design!! Very playful. The colors are fun. She’s stepping out of her comfort zone with this one, and it’s applauded. I love that a simpler garment was created to utilize the bold print. Very nice. Hallistork had a fairly nice design, but it has a bit of over-design and excess in it. Definitely styled well, and a good look, but some restraint would have been even better.

Kashirohato When I looked at the scores I was like: Why is she in the bottom 3? This would be a cute design if the cut out where maybe a fabric panel. The jacket is adorable. Not sure if we like her choice of prints on this, they make me think of swimwear prints. Who wants a big cut out in the front of their dress bellow their boobs? I DON'T! Infact I don't know anyone who would! However, the purse was GREAT!!!! It does come off as a bit over designed, but the limited palette was a good choice.

OUT: Kallastyos The skirt is too simple. Think about seaming and shapes and darts, because your garments are all looking similar to me now. Also, when designing a jacket which is closed. you really need yo show a flat of what would be worn underneath!! this said, I feel that the whole outfit sort of relies on the houndstooth coat and that the coat's mod feeling relies on the print itself, with the exception of the collar, and for future reference, I think that jackets are right over left for women's clothing. This was a structured piece, but there were some ‘construction issues' and I wish that therewas something more to add interest to the peice. A decent design from Kallastyos, and the dive into digital is applauded. We will deeply miss you.

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