Wednesday, December 06, 2006

(Beginning of Challenge) Model Call:
1. Ana
2. Teeani
3. Alyssa
4. Hollie
5. Megan
6. Emily
7. Sophia
8. Ambola
9. Devika
Elimanated: Raschell

Guest Judge: kittyvane

This time we asked you to
design an couture outfit inspired by carnival, circuses, and clowns. I assigned you each a sideshow act to design around, and you should have incorporated this into your design as well as the overall topic
. The winner of Project Designer will receive the title of The Next Big DeviantART Designer along with melancholycreations, lashanthao, ladylucrezia, and ceazar. You will receive two interviews with top fashion websites, a mentorship from moi ^^ lol, and their final ten piece collections redone by none other than George Nelson (wakasashe-fashion).

WINNER: da-coppa-one Always a pleasure looking at Da-coppa's work.I felt she could have taken her idea further, but her garment is very appropriate for the strong woman. Interesting cuts--revealing--but she wasn't afraid to go there for her design! It's obvious what the inspiration was and the outfit conveys strength very, very well. While chain mail is an unusal material to choose, I think it's the perfect choice for this. Metal is strong and tough, just like the strong woman of the circus. Even with such an extreme material, the outfit is still very feminine and sexy, and in it's own way quite delicate.

lrenah This was such an impressive showing from lrenah. I was absolutely thrilled to look at this piece. It's ver stricking and incredibly opulent and it does represent fire very well. I also like the fact that I can immediately tell that this is one of Irenah's designs; she's managed to keep her own style and still keep to the topic when it's more than easy to lose your own voice doing something lke this. Great shape, proportion, styling and color...This was a jewel in my eyes. Bravo!

linzwinz A very, very brave design! A very daring piece. Stylized? A bit vulgar? Under designed? Whichever the decision on these questions were, I liked the inspiration, the research, and style. The colors used were well selected, and the details are very welcome. I was curious to the way she would do this and now it know! I think she took a very interesting approach! With the whole idea of her being very erotic to makeup for her facial hair! Very intriguing.I just wish it were less revealing (however it is very couture) and seeing the beard more incorporated into the garment. But considering the topic, I think this is hit the nail on the head. The outfit is almost aggressively feminine with the pastie covered breasts and big skirt and it's the perfect way to counter the masculinity of the beard. It's full blown theatrical even down to the choise of materials; plain fabrics with elaborate decorations to make it all look fancier than it is. This is what circus fashion is about, being completely over the top and showy. The whole ugly-beautiful concept of the side show freaks is well represented too.
Oh, and the albino "wolf" is brillant.

MisterSnapple This was a difficult one to judge. Independently it is a nice dress.
I was expecting to see more colours on this one. To me tightrope dancers' costumes should be bright and colourful so they're easier to see high up in the air. Also, I'm not sure how practical that skirt would be when actually walking the rope, but I guess that's not the point here really. Lovely presentation, very structured...but not very couture nor circus. The top has issues; I question its support/coverage, and I feel that the bottom is very tightly fitted for tight-rope walking inspiration. I do like the look of the skirt though, the chiffon frill at the hem is a nice nod towards the tutu traditionally worn by tightrope dancers and I like the stripy fabric on the bodice and the little ivory elephant on the top of the parasol is wonderful. The overall design is very pretty, but I would have expected more vibrant colours instead of the somber tones of this. A great piece, but could have fallen in the boundaries a little more.

ball-jointed-Alice She did have a difficult one to work with, but sometimes you have to make it work. Lovely! The stripes were a great choice. They would be great for accentuating just how flexible this woman really is! The collar around her face is fantastic. Everything about this design screams circus! But in the best way possible! It's innovative, fitting to the character, and well thought out! However, This was a simple garment and though definitely fit for a circus, I don't think so couture. She had n interesting point of view with this, and we wish she would have had her model demonstrating the stretching talents. This is a whimsical design and while it's a bit more mine/clown, rather than flexible woman, I still like it. I like the optical illusion that the stripes would create as the contortionist twists themselves. Also, the outfit is something a real contortioninst could wear and perform in (that is if the corset wasn't boned, it's not mentioned in the design's comments). Ball-jointed-Alice is also one of those designers who's work is instantly recognizable. Her almost monochromatic colour scheme doesn't fit this challenge though, as again, I'd expect to see much brighter and sparklier colours on a contortionist.A decent showing.

HoAcinom A decent showing from HoAcinom. While the tattered look definitely worked well, and the expressive presentation very chaotic, we can see some rush in the design that is not intended. She did some great work with the bottom of the dress, and the designs are interesting. DO we right away see Cannibal? Not really, but it's in the realm, with that deconstructed look.


Kashirohato A very bold piece. She did some interesting things incorporating he polkadots. Well they look like they belong in a circus...but other than that I'm not too sure about this one. On one hand I like it but on the other something seems off about it. I don;t fell that it represents Siamese twins in any way. Although I have to admit that I was most looking forward to seeing this one as the conjoined twins are one of my favourtie side show acts, so I really had my hopes up. This outfit is almost clown-like and I fail to see how it represents conjoined twins (besides having the model mirrored in the design sketch). As just an outfit, it's nice and I like the layering of the poofy minidress with the longer chiffon overdress. Also the colour combination is good, it's nice and attention grabbing which is good for a side show. One of us did like the use of color very much, however.

Felicidade As the topics become more intricate, so must the efforts of the designer. I was not wow-ed by this creation. A bit too simple for the couture challenge. It needed to be more intricate and detailed. The feathers coming off of her shoulders give me the feel of an alien rather than bird woman. I also don't think it looks like she belongs at a circus at all. Even though it lacks the side show feel (there's nothing circus-y about this and had I had to guess, I'd have said the topic for this one was animals or birds) it is nice to see someone be brave enough to pick a strong, showy colour. Still, design wise Felicidade could have pushed the envelope a bit more. Instead of adding just a few whisps of peacock feathers, why not go all out and add the whole bunch? I should think that with a topic as wild as side shows there'd be atleast some of that wildness in the designs, and not only in the form of wild animals. Lacking in creativity(peacock inspiration has been done many times, and far more interesting), and not so couture, I can not see this being fashion forward in reality or circus.

OUT: hallistorkx3 A design with potential. I like that this wasn't too literal, but it could have been styled a little better for a bolder, couture look. I like the overall silhouette and detailing in the bust. It's definitely very feminine, flirty and pretty with all the frills and ruffles. I love the bodice & the pears are a brilliant touch. The ruffled skirt & green-blue tones are a great way of conveying the mermaid feel without being too literal or obvious. That being said, it's not very circus-y, which I was sort of expecting given the topic. It would definitely add to the elegance if you presentation is a little more elongated as well.

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