Wednesday, December 20, 2006

(Beginning of Challenge) Model Call:
1. Hollie
2. Megan
3. Devika
4. Ambola
5. Alyssa
6. Ana
Elimanated: Emily

Guest Judge: JDeMarco

This time we asked you to
create 3 looks for a store called Strawberry Smoothie, but they only have a limited amount of products. 2 Shirts, 2 Bottoms, and 1 jacket/coat. It's up to you to create 3 different looks to attract customers to the store using 2 Shirts, 2 Bottoms, and 1 jacket/coat. Additionally, your model is going on a trip to the Bahamas, so you should have styled and designed accordingly.
The winner of Project Designer will receive the title of The Next Big DeviantART Designer along with melancholycreations, lashanthao, ladylucrezia, and ceazar. You will receive two interviews with top fashion websites, a mentorship from moi ^^ lol, and their final ten piece collections redone by none other than George Nelson (wakasashe-fashion).

linzwinz Linz is cute. I know she thought a lot about this challenge, and she showed a clear point of view. The coat is kinda obvious (everyone would know she's a detective too) and its futuristic in a 'cheesy'/funny/cute kinda way (with the color pallete she chose and all), but as I said before, she thought about the challenge. She made the story, she made a 'comic' as a presentation telling the story, she showed how comfortable for a spy this coat would be, she thought about all the things her spy would have to carry, and well, I know she tried her best and It's creative and cute. My greatest concern, is that her designs usually are a bit cheesy, although they're very creative.
Fun, futuristic, interesting design lines. All very noticeably Linz's design aesthetic! The poses are playful and add to the story. The belt is pretty badass. She thinks about the challenges, but the taste level isn't there completely, sometimes I just don't see her designs as fashion forward as we'd like. For the first time I became really interested in what a collection from linzwinz might be... She's still hanging in there, though.

da-coppa-one What can we say? hahaha... Dacoppa's great. Her presentation was FLAWLESS. It's exactly the type of thing I'd like to see from each of the designers for this challenge, a SCENE! She used all the resources given for the challenge. The story was great, the pose, the scene, the cigar... everything. Awesome. The coat is kinda 'old'. We think we've seen the same idea many times before. It's obvious she put some of her own things into it, but it wasn't as innovative as it could've. It still looks good and sexy on her model and well, it'd be PERFECT for any noir/spy movie, anytime. I guess it could be comfortable enough, although It might be a bit too long to be comfortable in certain situations. That's just speculation, though. In conclusion, I loved her presentation. Fantastic use of pocket placement!! I just wish the rendering was a bit cleaner (coming from her) and that it had a bit more interest then pockets, because it's sort of typical otherwise.The coat wasn't all that great, but I felt this challenge was more about presentation, story/creativity and dacoppa EXCELLED once again in that!

lrenah A dark, seductive trench! Very interesting and quite sensual. This was an original silhouette of the bunch, and had Irenah's stamp of design. It's quite lovely, but it looks more like a dress then a coat. Especially since it is being held on by a corset. Coming from you I would have expected it to have more details, but you were in the ER, so functionality aside, it is still quite fabulous (hope you get better!). But this was a great, original piece of the bunch. Nice look, nice story!

Kashirohato Great use of the challenge resources, her 'story' fit perfectly with the coat, with the character. We could picture this girl exactly like ~Kashirohato described her, being a young, fun and hip spy. We love her presentation and her poses. Although the coat isn't really noir, it could still be seen in a modern spy movie. , perfectly suited for the type of character she designed the coat for. She would probably stand out more then she should in this coat and we think that the coat looks a bit bulky, and its a little too narrow in the bottom so it could be uncomfortable in certain situations, specially if you're a detective and need to endure some tough physical situations. Anyways, it was still completely ~Kashirohato, with the colors and the energy. She remained true to her style and well, we liked her design.

MisterSnapple I liked the general look of his model. I can actually picture this coat really well IRL. I think it's cute and chic, but I don't really see it as a coat for a spy. He even said it had large pockets for the spy's gadgets, and I don't want to imagine a spy 'throwing' all her gadgets and weapons on a large pocket to mix up and stuff... haha. I usually love his colors...but this week they were a bit "off" we're not entirely sure how well that green works with the lovely plum colored coat. it looks a bit dowdy.. Also it looks almost too 'delicate' for her to wear in really intense situations. I wish he had thought more about the challenge, and what was it really about. I liked the coat, so that's why I can't really complain. I personally thought the dress underneath was better than the coat. At least my perception on what the challenge was about.

The coat is really fashion forward and you could easily picture it in a noir modern movie, I love how she added the lower layer to make it possible to wear the coat in many different environments. I had a bit of problems 'picturing' clearly the design, but it was a problem of the illustration style, the strokes or something, I just wish she would have used a 'clearer' illustration style. The colors fit, the color palette wasn't bright and colorful but wasn't boring either. I think she did a good job. It was sad to see she didn't post the 'story' of the garment, I think that was a great chance to make it more interesting. The design is a bit unclear to me, but looks very interesting around the neck and arms..
We had hoped to see a lot of situational drawings, more than 'posing models'. The colors seem nice, if not rushed, and it appears a bit complex. I feel more editing could have been done with this to make a great piece. The cowl neck was nice, and with better presentation and description I definately could have enjoyed this quite a bit.

OUT: Felicidade I liked Felicidade a lot in the first challenges. I'm sad she took the easy and BORING way of this challenge. Her model looks so obviously like a detective. It's like, ANYONE ANYWHERE would know the girl's a cop haha! And well, I don't think that was the intention of the challenge. The design is safe and boring, she didn't take ANY risks. It's a long coat with a lot of buttons. Boring colors, boring BORING accesorizing and hairstyle... bleh. It's like she didn't even try. She could have made it more interesting by making the colors more bold, or something...she had all week! the coat would be kinda comfortable... and good to see she thought about all the fake buttons for the cameras (although she'd only need one) and the hidden pockets, and... that's about it.

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